The world's first decentralized reward economy.

Earn Tokens for

Introducing the internet's first decentralized reward token. You earn VideCoin for watching ads across millions of pages on the web.

No browser, no app, no extension needed. Just surf the sites you normally do, see ads, and earn.

Powerful Decentralization

VideCoin is powered by a proprietary microtranscations payment channel, a deterministic NLP protocol, and data containerized smart contracts.

Miner-driven consensus with delayed reconciliation reporting to the mainnet scales the platform to millions of TPS.

Our Axiom & Mission

VideCoin exists to change the online paradigm of meritocracy. We believe that as users, we deserve to be rewarded for the ads we watch and the things we do on the internet. After all, it is us who powers it.

VideCoin is borne from this conviction, and is evolving the age-old dynamic of rewardable web activity.

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